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N. Ding, J.Z. Simon, S.A. Shamma, S.V. David. (2016) Encoding of natural sounds by variance of the cortical local field potential. Journal of Neurophysiology. 115(5):2389-98. | pdf | PubMed

I.L. Thorson, J. Lienard, S.V. David. (2015) The essential complexity of auditory receptive fields. PLoS Computational Biology. 11(12):e1004628. | pdf | PubMed

S.J. Slee. S.V. David. (2015) Rapid task-related plasticity of spectrotemporal receptive fields in the auditory midbrain. Journal of Neuroscience 35(38):13090-13102. | pdf | PubMed

M.J. McGinley, S.V. David, D.A. McCormick. (2015) Cortical membrane potential signature of optimal states for sensory signal detection. Neuron. 87(1):179-92. | pdf | PubMed

J.M. Stafford, B.R. Jarrett, O. Miranda-Dominguez, B.D. Mills, N. Cain, S. Mihalas, G.P. Lahvis, K.M. Lattal, S.H. Mitchell, S.V. David, J.D. Fryer, J.T. Nigg, D.A. Fair. (2014) Large-scale Topology and the Default Mode Network in the Mouse Connectome. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 111(52):18745-50. | pdf | PubMed

N. Mesgarani, S.V. David, J.B. Fritz, S.A. Shamma. (2014) Mechanisms of noise robust representation of speech in primary auditory cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 111(18):6792-7 | pdf | PubMed

S. Atiani*, S.V. David*, D. Elgueda, M. Locastro, S. Radtke-Schuller, S.A. Shamma, J.B. Fritz. (2014) Emergent selectivity for task-relevant stimuli in higher order auditory cortex. Neuron. 82(2): 486-99. *equal contribution. | pdf | PubMed

S.V. David, M. Oliver, J.L. Gallant, F.E. Theunissen. (2013) Spectro-temporal receptive fields and high-order stimulus-response functions: methods, validation and physiological mechanisms. In D. Depireux, M. Elhilali (Eds.) Handbook of Modern Techniques in Auditory Cortex. Nova Pubishers. | review

S.V. David, S.A. Shamma. (2013) Integration over multiple timescales in primary auditory cortex. Journal of Neuroscience. 33(49): 19154-19166. | pdf | PubMed

B. Englitz, S. Akram, S.V. David, C. Chambers, D. Pressnitzer, D. Depireux, J.B. Fritz, S.A. Shamma. (2013) Putting the tritone paradox into context: insights from neural population decoding and human psychophysics. Adv Exp Med Biol. 787:157-64. | review | pdf | PubMed

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